Passage of BPA Amendment Bill to boost Ghana’s renewable energy efforts – Oware

Bui Dam

The passage of the Bui Power Authority (Amendment) Bill 2020 by Parliament is expected to fortify Ghana’s efforts in the renewable energy sector.According to Chief Executive of the Bui Power Authority (BPA), Fred Oware, the Bill will now provide his outfit the backing to explore other clean energy alternatives in the country.

Fred Oware speaking an interview with Citi Business News explained, “Since 2008, we’ve been engaging the ministry and some of the stakeholders within the energy market to have our Act amended to give us the legal backing for the things that we’ve been doing. Today, we probably will be the biggest in the country in terms of development of solar energy.

“We’ll certainly will be the first to put solar energy on the national grid. We are also working seriously before the end of the year to have solar panels on the lake and generate some significant amount of electricity power from the lake on solar,” Oware is quoted by Citi Business News.

He continued, “So, what this thing will do is to cure ourselves of this position we’ve found ourselves without amending the act and having to do all the things that we are doing. It will also establish us as the forerunner in the establishment of projects in renewable energy”.

Parliament last week gave legal backing to the Bui Power Authority (Amendment) Bill 2020 towards supporting the Authority to pursue of its objectives of developing the renewable energy sector and other clean energy alternative sources.


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