Basic Nuclear Physics and Radiation Protection
Basic Atomic structure, Radioactivity and sources of Radiation
Interaction of radiation with matter
Applications of Radiation and Nuclear Energy
Biological effects of ionizing radiation
Radiological protection and Nuclear Safety
Fundamentals of Nuclear Safety, Security & Safeguards
The Nuclear Industry

International Context of the Nuclear Industry and its development
Accidents in the Nuclear Industry & their Impacts
Nuclear Renaissance
The Future of Nuclear Power
The International Atomic Energy Agency
Nuclear Power and Nuclear Reactors & Operations
Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Nuclear Waste Management & Disposal
Nuclear Power Generation
Types of Nuclear Reactors
Advance Nuclear Reactor Concepts
Nuclear Reactor Components
Developing a Country’s Nuclear Power Programme
Milestones in the development of a country’s Nuclear power Programme
Nuclear Power Programme Infrastructural Issues and their Relevance
Key Organisations in the Development of a country’s nuclear programme and their
Stakeholders in Nuclear Power Programme Development and their roles and
Technical Support & Local Industry Development for Sustainable Nuclear Power
Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme
Why Nuclear
Ghana’s Nuclear Journey
Status of Ghana’s Nuclear Power Programme
Role and Function of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Power
Role and Function of the Nuclear Power Ghana
Role and Function of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Nuclear Law and Legislation
Definition, objectives and Concepts of Nuclear law
Principles of Nuclear Law
Legislative Process for Nuclear Law
Emergency Preparedness and response
International Legislative Regime
Nuclear Industry Regulatory Regime


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