Who We Are

The National Energy Quiz started in 2018 with 5 Senior High Schools in the Eastern Region. The Second time it was organized, it has an Institutional participation of 75 Senior High Schools and was won by Nkwantia Senior High School. The general idea of the quiz is to test Students who participate on topics related to petroleum, power, nuclear and community relations or culture. The essence of this program is;

  1. It will standardize energy education
  2. It works towards a global goal on energy and the climate
  3. Bridging the gap between the energy industry and our educationally system
  4. Breaking the barrier for women to get involved in the energy sector.

Ghana is endowed with much resources in the energy sector. It about time the youth ascertain much knowledge about the energy sector and the opportunities it presents. The Energy sector is not only for engineering students to explore, is for everyone because our daily lives revolves around energy. The Quiz is going to be based on;

  1. Petroleum (oil and gas)
  2. Power
  3. Nuclear
  4. Community relations (culture)

NB: both energy course students and non-energy course student can take part in this quiz from the various schools. The Process is going to be divided into four sections; we shall provide the participants with the materials to learn for the quiz. The Energy Quiz will be coupled with other relevant related programs as follows; the innovation competition, the Vice Chancellors summit, and the Expo.

  1. Community relations/culture

 Why community relations or culture?  Because the energy resources are derived from the community and their culture determine their view of energy and their relation thereof.

  1. The innovation competition

Students are entreated to come up with creative and innovative ideas that can help better and compliment the energy industry. So, this competition is geared towards encouraging Students to work such ideas and make them productive.

  1. The summit

The organizers will bring on board Institutional heads for an energy conference which will seek to enlighten them about the energy sector and how important it can be to Students.

  1. The Expo

The Organizers will bring companies form the energy sector both local and foreign to do exhibition for the Students.  And the students who emerge with creative innovative skills and has come up with a viable product will also exhibit it to the companies available. Other Universities from outside the country will also come for the Expo to give away scholarships and study opportunities to the students who are interested to study abroad.

Our vision

NEQ's vision is to create global future energy leaders who are confident, knowledgeable and will ensure accountability and our mission is to implement numerous activities to increase energy knowledge among the youth using education and social inclusion techniques. NEQ's objectives are to:

  • Build a community of students with appreciable knowledge and interest in the energy industry;
  • Producing global leaders who are conscious of the fact that they are accountable to society;
  • Establishing Nationwide energy innovation hubs; and
  • Develop a global standard curriculum for energy studies in second cycle schools